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Stop reposting hoaxes, political and otherwise

Sick of hoaxes on Facebook and Twitter? How to find out if a meme is a hoax with a Google search.

November 1, 2016   No Comments

How to Fast Forward, Rewind & control YouTube videos

Want to learn how to fast forward (at different speeds), rewind, slow, and control YouTube videos? A quick set of shortcuts.

April 6, 2015   9 Comments

LinkedIn: change your primary email address to avoid spam

Your LinkedIn connections can get a copy of your email address, and since they will sometimes send you emails that aren’t important to you (and are sometimes outright spam), you might want to make your primary LinkedIn address an email address other than your true primary email address.

December 16, 2013   1 Comment

Your Facebook business page status updates are being ignored, & why

You assume that if someone “Likes” your business page, and you post a status update, that it will show up on their News Feed if they look quickly enough, right?

Wrong – Most status updates by business pages are not shown to most of their fans.

March 27, 2013   4 Comments

Facebook posts like “name a band with no X in the name”

Name a word that starts with G and ends with E and rhymes with Hullible. Its harder than you think!

No, it isn’t.

And here’s why they do it…..

March 4, 2013   4 Comments

Facebook tip – stop Socialcam, Viddy, etc from broadcasting

Don’t you hate it when your Facebook timeline is filled up with posts saying what videos or articles your friends are watching on. Here’s how to stop them from seeing what you’re doing.

May 16, 2012   1 Comment

Clever, innovative LinkedIn tip for sales people – sports tickets

You have extra season tickets for Red Sox games. How you could use LinkedIn to help make great business connections, and maybe someday make some new referrals and sales.

February 17, 2012   2 Comments

Microsoft Powerpoint tip: jump to a slide by number

If you use PowerPoint, and want to jump to slide number 51 quickly (instead of pressing the Right Arrow 51 times), put in slide number, then Enter. (Good video attached)

February 9, 2012   14 Comments

LinkedIn using your picture to advertise products (social advertising)

LinkedIn may now use your picture to advertise other products. Change privacy settings if you don’t like this.

January 30, 2012   No Comments

How to make YouTube videos start at a specific time other than the beginning

You can start a YouTube video at some point other than the beginning by using the #t option.

January 20, 2012   5 Comments