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LinkedIn training tip for HR and recruiters – a clever talent management technique

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If you’re in HR (Human Resources), or you’re a recruiter, you are always interested in recruiting new talent.  I assume you use LinkedIn already.  However, here’s a quick tip that may change the way you approach talent management.


If you use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search feature, you can tell it that you only want to search for people that have created a LinkedIn profile within

  • the last day
  • the last week
  • the last 2 weeks
  • the last month
  • the last 3 months

or since your last login.

Why do you think they just joined LinkedIn?

There’s a good chance that it’s because they are looking for a job.  You could be the first person to know about it, to recruit them, and maybe to hire them.   At the very least, you could be among the first to develop an online relationship with them.

Here are the exact steps you should use:

  • go to your LinkedIn Home page
  • click where it says “Advanced” (to the right of the Search box in the upper right hand corner)
  • in the upper left hand side of the next page, put in the “Keywords” that you are searching for, like
      • marketing manager
      • VP of sales
      • accountant
      • (Note that I prefer to put these words in the “Keywords” field rather than the “Title” field for reasons I will discuss in a future blog entry)
  • in the lower left hand corner, where it says “Joined” (that you’ve probably never seen or cared about before), choose one of the options
  • click Search at the bottom

The results that you see will be for people that have just joined LinkedIn recently.  If there are too many matches, you can refine the list by using the “Interested In” drop down box (just above the “Joined” drop down box), and picking one of the appropriate options, like “Potential Employees”.  Unfortunately, you can only pick one at a time.

Hopefully, this will give you an edge in recruiting new talent just as they begin their job search.

Cool, huh?  Please pass it on to your friends.

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