Posts from — May 2009

LinkedIn training tip – Hiding your connections


You can hide your LinkedIn connections, even from your other connections, with a simple switch. Here is how you do it, but it does have a set of implications.

May 29, 2009   8 Comments

Facebook tip – look through pictures faster with arrow keys


I’m going to start giving tips on other areas of social media, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, et cetera. This is an undocumented tip that will double your speed when you are looking through Facebook pictures. The key is to use the right and left arrows.

May 16, 2009   1 Comment

Twitter rant – How Twitter could be faster and avoid the Fail Whale


This is a departure from my normal LinkedIn tips, as I will begin to discuss wider topics in social media. However, this is just a rant – it’s my personal letter to Twitter to tell them how to speed up their site and stop giving us the Fail Whale.

May 14, 2009   3 Comments

LinkedIn training tip – Exporting your connections, or “How do I send a bulk email to my connections?”


You can export some information about all of your LinkedIn connections to a file. LinkedIn doesn’t give you very much of the information that it has, but it will give you all of their email addresses. Therefore, there is a way to send your connections a mass email. However, please don’t be a spammer.

May 12, 2009   2 Comments

LinkedIn training tip – Your Professional Headline should be a marketing phrase, not your job title


The Professional Headline in your LinkedIn profile should not just be your current title. It should be a marketing slogan.

May 7, 2009   37 Comments

LinkedIn training tip – Search People should say Search Profiles


In the upper right hand corner of your LinkedIn page, it says Search People, but LinkedIn allows you to do so much more, and it really should say “Search Profiles”. See some of what you can do in the following post.

May 4, 2009   1 Comment