Posts from — October 2009

Facebook – How do I see only status updates

Finally, you can see only “status updates” in Facebook, and eliminate Mafia Wars, “What 80s character would you be”, etc…

October 26, 2009   1 Comment

Finally, Twitter starts fighting spam – note the new “report as spam” button

Summary in under 140 characters:
If you go to someone’s Twitter page, you can now mark them as a spammer (under block xxxxxxxxxx)

October 13, 2009   3 Comments

LinkedIn – an “invisible bug” when you send invitations by email address

LinkedIn has “invisible” bugs in the invitation process that may make you think you are sending a group of invitations when you really aren’t. Here’s an example of one, with a 3 minute video at the bottom…

October 1, 2009   2 Comments