Google Images makes new, powerful enhancements

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There were some significant changes to Google Images on Wednesday that make it much more useful, like more images per screen, face recognition, and color recognition.  See a demo.


Google Images made some significant changes on Wednesday, and Google didn’t really publicize it well, so I created a demo video to illustrate them.  Some of the changes only appear to work in Google’s browser, Google Chrome, and don’t work I Microsoft’s IE (Internet Explorer).   Of course, a lot of things don’t work in Internet Explorer…

Some of the enhancements include:

  • Better use of real estate, showing more images per screen
  • Face recognition
  • Color recognition, which works pretty well
  • Better use of real estate when you expand to the whole screen
  • Enlarging images when you hover the mouse over them
  • A link for “Similar images”
  • It creates more than one screenful of images, and you can scroll down quickly to see more
  • Switch back to basic version

This video (4:17) gives a demo.

If you are a sales person, this can be extremely useful finding images for presentations.

Good luck out there.

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