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Clever, innovative LinkedIn tip for sales people – sports tickets

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You have extra season tickets for Red Sox games.  I’ll show you how to use LinkedIn to make great business connections, and maybe someday get some new referrals and sales.


A favorite client

One of my favorite clients, named Vology, in Tampa, Florida, is an award winning computer reseller, selling computer networking equipment like Juniper routers.  They brought me down to teach their sales people how to use LinkedIn and Twitter to make more sales.

They have season tickets to the Tampa Bay Rays games (3rd row behind home plate) and arranged the seminar so that I trained them during the day, and we went to see the Red Sox play the Rays that night.  Awesome.

I asked them what they do if they can’t find a client to take their season tickets for a game.  They said that they’d typically give them to employees or corporate friends.

Innovative relationship technique: use LinkedIn to make “influential friends” using your tickets

I gave them an idea that was worth the price of admission.   I said that they should find Chief-level officers from Tampa on LinkedIn that liked baseball, and ask them to the game.  How?  Do an Advanced Search with:

  • Title: Chief
  • Location: within 50 miles of Tampa
  • Keywords: baseball or rays

This way, they could find anyone with the word “Chief” in their title who liked baseball so much that they put “Baseball” or “Rays” in their profile.  There are 11 matches.

Now track them down and make the most fun cold call ever:

You: “Want to go to the Rays game tomorrow night?  Third row behind the plate.  Free premium buffet.”
“What’s the catch?”
You: “No catch.  We do this 10 times a year, and we make friends with other baseball fans.”

Think that some of them some might give you some great referrals?  Think you’ll have a great time regardless?

How cool is that idea?

Invite me to a game.

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Good luck out there.

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1 Diana Schneidman { 02.17.12 at 9:36 am }

Yes, Patrick, that idea IS cool!

I love specific ideas such as yours that promote the development of relationships with targeted individuals.

Too much social networking is vaguely “I love everyone, man,” and doesn’t mean anything to anyone.


2 Patrick O’Malley { 02.20.12 at 12:23 am }

which is why everyone loves you and I, Diana 😉

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