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Facebook tip – stop Socialcam, Viddy, etc from broadcasting

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On my Facebook news feed:

Joe Ciulla just watched the Socialcam video “Great white shark eats gangster beating up girlfriend”

Don’t you hate it when your Facebook timeline is filled up with posts saying what videos or articles your friends are watching on

  • Socialcam
  • Viddy
  • Yahoo reader
  • Washington Post, et cetera

especially since you know your friends didn’t want you to see what they were reading/watching.

Here’s how you stop your friends from seeing what you are watching:

  • click Facebook in the upper left hand corner
  • in the upper right, beside Home click the arrow
  • click Account Settings
  • on the left, click Apps
  • Yikes.  There are probably a bunch of them.
  • to remove an app, on the right, click the X.  Great tip – to remove a bunch quickly, click the X, then when it asks for a confirmation, click Enter with your left hand, and that one will be deleted, but the next one will have its X under the mouse.  Rinse, lather, repeat.
  • if you want to keep the app, but not have everyone see what you read, click Edit.  The 3rd line down says “Posts on your behalf”.  On the right, click Edit, then “Only me”.

Now the rest of the world can’t see your white shark gangster fetish.

You’re welcome.

P.S.  those videos are never as good as the posts make them appear to be.

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1 { 06.04.16 at 2:09 pm }

I LOVE spin/artichoke dip and haven’t had any since last year when I found I was allergic to dairy, spinach, among other things. I am going to try this for a party I’m hosting. Any recommendations for subbing the mustard and spinach? I was going to just eliminate them – would it completely change the taste? I’ve heard of wasabi as a mustard substitute and kale for spinach but not sure how that would fit with this recipe…any thoughts?

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