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LinkedIn spam and your “primary” email address

Your “primary email address” on LinkedIn should NOT be your primary email address.

November 8, 2017   No Comments

LinkedIn: change your primary email address to avoid spam

Your LinkedIn connections can get a copy of your email address, and since they will sometimes send you emails that aren’t important to you (and are sometimes outright spam), you might want to make your primary LinkedIn address an email address other than your true primary email address.

December 16, 2013   1 Comment

Clever, innovative LinkedIn tip for sales people – sports tickets

You have extra season tickets for Red Sox games. How you could use LinkedIn to help make great business connections, and maybe someday make some new referrals and sales.

February 17, 2012   2 Comments

LinkedIn using your picture to advertise products (social advertising)

LinkedIn may now use your picture to advertise other products. Change privacy settings if you don’t like this.

January 30, 2012   No Comments

LinkedIn training tip for sales – look at prospect’s interests

Before you call a prospect, check their interests. Or you can look for interests in a “reverse direction”

August 4, 2011   6 Comments

Social Media Speaker rap, LOMA Insurance conference (FMLI,FSSI)

This is a 90 second “rap” that I did in a social media keynote speech at the LOMA Insurance Conference in Las Vegas last October. And it ain’t worth 50 cent.

December 29, 2010   2 Comments

LinkedIn sales tip: search for the CEO titles that spelled chief wrong

Whether you want to make a sale, get a job, or network for business, it’s a good idea to be connected to powerful people like CEOs, but it’s tough to get their attention. Here’s a unique and original idea that might get you some positive attention from some CEOs and other Chief Officers.

November 19, 2010   2 Comments

LinkedIn training – get rid of annoying status updates, Twitter implications

LinkedIn just added a feature that allows you to “hide” status updates from people who post every time they add a new condiment to their sandwich.

April 30, 2010   2 Comments

LinkedIn expert tip – find people without paying $25

Want to find LinkedIn profiles for “out of network” people without paying LinkedIn $25? Here’s how you do it for free.

February 2, 2010   14 Comments

LinkedIn training tip – new feature for sales people – see who you know someone “through”

A subtle beta feature was added to LinkedIn that will save sales people time. If you “Search Companies”, it will now tell you who you know someone “through”.

December 22, 2009   5 Comments