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LinkedIn using your picture to advertise products (social advertising)

LinkedIn may now use your picture to advertise other products. Change privacy settings if you don’t like this.

January 30, 2012   No Comments

LinkedIn expert tip – find people without paying $25

Want to find LinkedIn profiles for “out of network” people without paying LinkedIn $25? Here’s how you do it for free.

February 2, 2010   14 Comments

LinkedIn training tip – put the name of your city in text somewhere in your profile


Put the name of your city (in text form) somewhere in your LinkedIn profile. Otherwise, you may not be found in searches.

December 17, 2009   6 Comments

LinkedIn training – tips for job hunters, Part 1


Here are 3 tips for job hunters – change your professional headline, answer questions, and put the words “seeking” and “looking” in your profile.

“I hope it’s gonna make you notice, someone like me” – Kings Of Leon

July 8, 2009   7 Comments

LinkedIn training tip – Search People should say Search Profiles


In the upper right hand corner of your LinkedIn page, it says Search People, but LinkedIn allows you to do so much more, and it really should say “Search Profiles”. See some of what you can do in the following post.

May 4, 2009   1 Comment

LinkedIn training tip – Who said “I don’t know this user” to your LinkedIn invitation

LinkedIn tells you not to invite people you don’t know, but they don’t make the punishment clear, and it’s harsh. If 5 people say they don’t know you, you get blacklisted, and you can no longer invite people by name.

Others have written about that part, and I will write about it in the future, but in this post, I’m going to address something no one has written about – how do you find out WHO said “I don’t know this user” to your invitation.

March 31, 2009   146 Comments

LinkedIn training tip for HR and recruiters – a clever talent management technique

If you’re in HR (Human Resources), or you’re a recruiter, you are probably interested in recruiting new talent. I assume you use LinkedIn already. However, here’s a quick tip that may change the way you approach talent management.

March 9, 2009   2 Comments

LinkedIn training tip – faster job hunting with LinkedIn toolbar

Do you use Monster, CareerBuilder or Craig’s List to look for a job? Do you try to utilize your LinkedIn network? Want to do it faster and easier? See my 3 minute LinkedIn Toolbar video, and speed up your job search.

March 3, 2009   10 Comments

Missing LinkedIn tip – Misspell your last name in your LinkedIn profile?


Why would you misspell your last name in your LinkedIn profile? Because other people might misspell it when they look for you.

I knew that people would search for me in LinkedIn using the misspelling O’Mally (without the “e”) even though my last name is spelled O’Malley, and I still wanted them to find me. I discovered a trick that will do it, and I’ll show you in this post.

January 27, 2009   23 Comments