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Fox TV: How I Used Facebook And Twitter During Japan’s Tsunami

My interview on Fox TV News about how I used social media during the tsunami in Japan.

March 24, 2011   2 Comments

Get more Twitter followers – the Charlie Sheen hacker technique

There’s a new sleazy techniques that spammers are using to get an account with lot of Twitter followers, and got 20,000 a day using the “Charlie Sheen” effect. The trick? Create a charliesheen account, but replace the lowercase “L” with and uppercase “I”.

March 3, 2011   3 Comments

LinkedIn training – get rid of annoying status updates, Twitter implications

LinkedIn just added a feature that allows you to “hide” status updates from people who post every time they add a new condiment to their sandwich.

April 30, 2010   2 Comments

Twitter helps solve Amber Alert in MA – short version

Yesterday, Twitter helped to save a 1 year old girl who was kidnapped and in serious danger. Here’s the best Twitter story ever, in its short version.

February 19, 2010   6 Comments

Twitter may have helped solve Amber Alert in Massachusetts – long version

Yesterday, Twitter may have helped to solve an Amber Alert, and saved a 1 year old girl who was kidnapped and in serious danger. Here’s the best Twitter story ever.

February 19, 2010   4 Comments

An itty bitty problem with as your Twitter URL shortener results are actually public, and I’ll show you how to see how many clicks your competition is getting. I’ll also explain why you may not want them seeing your clicks.

November 17, 2009   114 Comments

LinkedIn and Twitter can now cross-post status updates, but it could be much more

LinkedIn and Twitter added a feature that allows you to cross-post, but it just embeds functionality that other software already had. Here are some limitations of LinkedIn status updates, and some features they should implement.

November 11, 2009   1 Comment

Finally, Twitter starts fighting spam – note the new “report as spam” button

Summary in under 140 characters:
If you go to someone’s Twitter page, you can now mark them as a spammer (under block xxxxxxxxxx)

October 13, 2009   3 Comments

Twitter rant – How Twitter could be faster and avoid the Fail Whale


This is a departure from my normal LinkedIn tips, as I will begin to discuss wider topics in social media. However, this is just a rant – it’s my personal letter to Twitter to tell them how to speed up their site and stop giving us the Fail Whale.

May 14, 2009   3 Comments